Do You Tend to Get A Little Overwhelmed By All Of Life's Possibilities?

I know, I was feeling the same way and then I discovered the path to visual and creative thinking. And when I did, I found that I could doodle my dreams to find clarity about my next right steps. As I've developed my doodling skills (in a professional setting its called 'graphic recording' or 'sketch noting') and put my markers to paper, I have discovered a simple path to having more of what I do want and less of what I don't want. And that means I'm more focused, more productive and more able to balance life and work in a relaxing, enjoyable and creative way. I'd love to help you do the same by sharing my personal plan to positive possibilities. Hundreds of clients and companies have used it for their success, why not you? I invite you to explore the palette of possibilities I have to share on this site so that you can get help seeing the big picture on how you can create a life, and a business, worth loving.

Color Wheels

Explore the power of play and creativity in your community or workplace. I'll bring my Doodle cart (that doubles as an adult tricycle!) filled with doodle supplies,  to your event to engage participants in their own creative expression of ideas and concepts related to your theme or topic. I can also customize a presentation or training  to meet your team or Board objectives! 

Wheel of Life Coaching

In reality, life and work are doing okay, but if you were really honest with yourself, you know there's more for you out there. But how to manifest it? Let's explore how with a 60 minute Colorful Coaching call that includes a visual map of your next steps. In-person VIP days at my Creative Cottage in Joplin, Mo. are also available. And a VIP day can be conducted virtually as well (And both come with 30 days of follow up coaching!)

Training Wheels

Find an online course with Ann that will support you in your life and work today. A Training Wheels course comes in small modules to further your personal and professional development, all in a relaxed and creative atmosphere of fun! You'll receive lifetime access to the course and its materials, so that you can review and update your knowledge and skills anytime you want. You'll love this way of learning!

"Thank you for leading your effective workshop, Home Sweet Home: Creating a Healing Environment. I was particularly impressed with the variety of activities that you had designed to help us conceptualize our spaces and neighborhoods."

Marge, owner
A Woman's Place retreat center

"Thanks to Ann's occasional no-nonsense prodding and her constant interest in helping me succeed, I am now living and working in a healthier environment. And I have confidence now to know that I can make a changes successfully."

Private Coaching Client

"Participants respond so well to your natural warmth and enthusiasm for your topics. They sense immediately that they are getting practical techniques and your special attention to detail is also noted."

Diane, Director
Illinois Council On Training

"I was feeling defeated. Ann helped me take a deep breath, identify all the tasks and steps to take, and then develop a plan that worked by allowing me to take small steps to complete a big job."

Small business owner/coaching client

I'm Ann.

How can I help?

I serve individuals, work teams and organizations as a creative strategist , trainer, speaker, graphic recorder and community catalyst for positive change. I have over 30 years of experience speaking and facilitating breakout sessions, coaching entrepreneurs to success and capturing key concepts from conversations and meetings in a visual way. Let's set a time to talk and see how I can support you in your life and work today.

Learn how to design a bigger picture for your life and work with my creative thinking tips! 

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