Set an intention and let your Spirit Doll affirm it daily!


I'm Ann Leach, coach, doodler, speaker/author, and the designer of Sea Sisters Spirit Dolls.

These dolls are really a magical affirmation for your deepest desires and serve as a visual reminder of your life intentions. 

Each doll is a custom creation representing such themes as ‘creativity’, ‘prosperity’, ‘peace’ and other thoughts and feelings you may want to focus on in your life.

Made of sticks, fabric, wood or paper, spirit dolls feature clay faces from various artists Leach has encountered in her work. Each face tells the doll’s story so well.

Telling stories is at the heart of each doll’s purpose. Customers may learn the real purpose of Time or gain a better understanding of Focus and Love based on the stories I've created for each of these and other traits. And woven into the undergarment of each doll is the intention to manage each of these feelings and traits in positive ways. The doll comes with a card that tells the story and includes an affirmation the buyer can use daily.

I'll even customize a doll for you and your milestone events and special occasions or ‘just because’ with your personal affirmation woven into the doll’s core.

I think we’ve all experienced a crisis of spirit in this past year of political challenges, social unrest, environmental concerns on top of COVID-19. It required us to strengthen our resolve and reinvent ourselves in so many ways. I found myself going deeper with my own faith journey and connecting to my inner spirit in ways that sustained me through those tough months. I thought it would be good to give that process an outward visual presence and so the idea for spirit dolls was born.

Sea Sisters is a nod to my love of all things water (a portion of each sale will go to support ocean conservation through the Blue Mind Foundation) and the Sea Sisters Spirit Dolls will have friends. Dolls are being created to represent not just Summer but Fall (harvest abundance spirit dolls), Winter (peace and calm spirit dolls), and Spring (spring forth spirit dolls), as well as for the four elements, the sun, moon and stars, and popular figures like Mother Nature, Ole Man Winter, and Father Time, along with the original Sea Sisters line.


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